Immortal Technique Schools Russia-Today : A Must See

I wasn’t entirely familiar with Immortal Technique before I saw this interview, though I’m hoping my good buddy George will burn me a copy of some of his work. Hell, after watching this, I may actually buy his music legitimately.

This man is clearly exceptionally intelligent and has his finger on the pulse of current events, not to mention world history and geo-politics stretching back quite a ways.

I mean for fuck’s sake, he’d probably be a pretty decent professor now wouldn’t he?

I’ve been impressed with RT for some time, mostly because they dare to ask precise and damning questions and seem to enjoy pushing the boundaries set by the mainstream North-American media. I doubt you would see a man such as Immortal Technique granted prime-time access on a major American network, not unless it fit the mould of a ‘gangster-rapper-turned-community-activist’ storyline. Too bad, because when I think of America and Americans in a positive light, I would prefer to think of the kind of individual he presents himself to be: individually libertarian with a strong social consciousness, thoroughly unabashed in attacking the American establishment for the many-headed Hydra it has become. Attacking it openly and criticizing it decisively for its hypocrisy, nepotism and blatant disregard for the rights and wishes of its own people. I hate to think that an individual such as Immortal Technique is considered an ‘alternative’ or ‘underground’ rapper, when the truth he speaks is the truth we’re all trying to avoid. It is reality, and no one wants to admit it.

Watch, enjoy and be impressed:

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