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This site is about Montreal and is dedicated chiefly to exploring the city’s rich history, architecture, design and the wide-spectrum of Montreal-related urban studies.

This site is also about Taylor C. Noakes, a freelance journalist and broadcaster who lives and works in Montreal.

The driving force behind this website was to provide commentary and insight into Montreal as an evolving and utterly distinct North American metropolis. It is the culmination of years’ worth of independent (and on-going) research into what made Montreal what it is today, why its people are so passionate about their city in particular and what Montreal offers its citizens. It’s part love affair, part criticism and part contemporary history written in real time.

If you’re interested in Montreal and are looking for more information concerning its history, design and architecture, Taylor can help you. If you’re looking for a subject matter expert to discuss current affairs as they pertain to Montreal, or are looking for someone to interview on the city’s dynamic history and exceptional architecture, Taylor’s your man. If you’re looking for a guest lecturer who has written on key moments in recent Montreal history, or are seeking an experienced tour guide to offer a unique glimpse into the city’s urban environment, you know who to contact.

Reach him by emailing taylorcnoakes (at) gmail (dot) com

2 thoughts on “About this Site”

  1. Hi Taylor, my name is Patrick and I was really interested in your article about Place Emilie-Gamelin: broken space. I wanted to ask your opinion about the park regarding it’s desired lines (it’s shortcut paths to other various areas surrounding the park). Do you think it’s park is made for shortcut uses? (Like do you think that people don’t really take the time to sit down on the park and appreciate it’s surroundings?) Also I wanted to ask something: Do you think Place Emilie-Gamelin is a successful place for group gathering? (like gathering for communication like poor people or the student protest?) Thank Taylor and hope we chat more about your thoughts on Place Emilie-Gamelin :)

  2. Hey great blog, I stumbled onto it looking for a picture of the incomplete uqam building beside the bus terminal at berri thats been there for 4 years or more. Im in toronto studying architecture and it was nice to see such a good perspective on Montreal. Thanks.

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