Photographs II – Montreal, circa 1900

Apologies for the poor quality scans. What can I say? I’ll get a better scanner one day.

Dominion Square, 1904 - from Peel and de la Gauchetiere
The Windsor Hotel, as seen from across Dominion Square, circa 1900
Royal Victoria Hospital, circa 1900
Place d'Armes, circa 1900
Sherbrooke Street, looking West, possibly from Saint Marc, circa 1900
Bank of Montreal Building, Saint James Street, with Old Post Office at left, circa 1900
College Ste-Marie, adjacent to the Gésu. Circa 1900, since demolished and now a vacant lot.
The Harbour, circa 1900. View from roof of Bonsecours Market, facing Northwest
Saint Catherine's Street, circa 1900. Possibly facing east from Peel or Stanley.
Peel Street School, circa 1900. It would be demolished to make way for the Mount Royal Hotel, currently the Cours Mont Royal. From Peel and Burnside (Boul. de Maisonneuve)
Victoria Square, circa 1900. Facing North from Notre Dame.
Windsor Station, circa 1900.
The New York Life Insurance Building, the first 'skyscraper' built in Montréal. The development of the telephone played a direct role in the construction of this building in 1887, as it permitted more efficient communication during the construction process.
The view from Mount Royal, erica 1900.

5 thoughts on “Photographs II – Montreal, circa 1900”

  1. Dear Mr. Noakes,

    I just discovered your website. My family owned a building on Guy Street across from His Majesty’s Theatre until the 1970s. It was just north of the Bank of Toronto building on the Northeast corner of St-Catherine O. I’m trying to find a picture of it in its heyday.

    I’ve checked a few of the public archives but have not found one yet. Can you recommend anywhere to look?

    Thank you.

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