Photographs III – Quartier des Spectacles & Fur District, Montreal

Quartier des Spectacles - Quarter Without Community - September 10 2011
Ever see this guy before? He covers a lot of ground in that thing. Quartier des Spectacles, Place des Festivals - September 10 2011
Our Modernist Playpen - Place des Arts - September 10 2011
Pre-Autumnal Orange Ubiquity - Complexe Desjardins in background, Musé d'Art Contemporain de Montréal and Place des Arts in foreground, viewed from across the Place des Festivals - September 10 2011
"Pretty much everything in montreal can be viewed as if you're emerging from an enchanted forest..."

Backchapel Entrance/ the Hidden Green - September 10 2011
Playground for an Urban Preschool, Montréal. This photograph was taken about half a bloc away from the picture above. September 10 2011 - September 10 2011
Saint James United Church - one of the most progressive places of worship in Canada - September 10 2011
Refuge for Raoul Wallenberg; Christchurch Cathedral, Montréal - September 10 2011

3 thoughts on “Photographs III – Quartier des Spectacles & Fur District, Montreal”

  1. Hi –

    It’s pretty much within the rectangle bounded by St-Catherine’s to the South, Boul. de Maisonneuve/President Kennedy to the North, Bleury to the East and Union to the West. City Councillors, Mayor, St-Alexandre, Cathcart, Union, Aylmer and Place Phillips are all neat little streets worth exploring, albeit during the day, at night the area is a tad sketchy. It’s bizarre because the area is starting to repopulate, after a prolonged period where all housing was destroyed and people were moved out. Very much a neighbourhood without an identity or solid community infrastructure, but also exceptionally desirable for a diverse range of people. I hope the city has a plan to better populate this area, if for no other reason than to ensure a greater degree of safety and security in the downtown. Thanks for the compliment!

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