New Photos Page – Montreal in 1900!

Dominion Square and the Windsor Hotel, circa 1900

Check back soon for more pictures of Montreal from the past!

The first series of pictures are from around 1900 and can be accessed on the Montreal, circa 1900 page under “Photographs”. Or you can click here.

I’ll be working on another series of pics from the 60s, 70s and 80s and post soon.

Cheers, hope you enjoy!

Taylor –

A stroll through the Plateau on a sunny summer afternoon… {a little bit of pleasantness}

Curbside Overgrowth
Chateau Firehouse
Saint Lawrence Main
Pathways to the Ballet of the Streets
Dominant Perspective
Neo-Medieval Courtyard
Around the Bend
Tower of Power
Keeping Pace

Happening now: Blue Bird Caf̩ Fire memorial РUnion near Boul. Ren̩-L̩vesque

Memorial on Sept. 1st  2011, 39th anniversary of the disaster.

Sorry for the awful resolution, but I think my camera’s night-time settings leave a lot to be desired.

In any event, it’s on for another hour if you want to go pay your respects.

Keep an eye out for proposals for a lasting tribute – anything would be better than an empty parking lot.

Historical Montreal Skyline Pic!

The City of my Past - not the work of the author, though I do remember this skyline.

So this would have been taken in the early 1970s from a rooftop in Westmount, likely at Grosvenor and Boul. de Maisonneuve (which you can see in its pre-bicycle path form centre-left in the pic).

This skyline view would have remained more or less constant until the late 1980s, and is the earliest memory I have of the city, which was eagerly pointed to me by my father when I was a wee toddler. I can remember parking off of St-Antoine and watching the construction of what was then known as the Laurentian Bank Building, and then walking under the CIBC Building, thinking it was the tallest I had ever seen.