The Mengele of Montréal

This guy is Donald Ewen Cameron, a Scotch-American who, each week from 1957 to 1964, commuted from Vermont to Montréal, where he performed mind-control experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute. Cameron performed his experiments at the behest of the CIA though he also received funding from the federal government, taking otherwise normal people suffering from minor mental health issues, such as depression, and using them as human guinea-pigs. Among other things, the infamous doctor, well-known for his ideas that schizophrenics could be ‘re-programmed’, induced his unsuspecting subjects into comas while playing tapes on loop. Patients were subjected to noise, commands and excessive doses of LSD; when they awoke, they were all permanently disabled.

Allan Memorial Institute - work of the author, Winter 2008

It’s difficult for me to consider this event and not immediately think of the Duplessis Orphans and the insane asylum out in the East End that used to be its own city. Curiously, a few years back some unmarked graves were found at the former Cité de St-Jean-de-Dieu Insane Asylum. I haven’t heard of any follow-up to the demand that autopsies be performed, but the allegation is that Duplessis Orphans may have been used for medical experimentation as well.

When you consider the context of the Quiet Revolution, remember the Duplessis Orphans and Ewen Cameron as examples of what crimes can be committed against a people held in bondage by the collusion of the Roman Catholic Church and an autocratic political regime. Have those responsible actually paid for their crimes? Will we ever finalize the break and seek to resuscitate our efforts at achieving true individual sovereignty for the people of Québec? I think the CIA, the Fed, the Province and the Church still owe us a lot of money for what they’ve subjected our people to. And I still want answers to this.

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  1. Jean,
    It’s hard for me to imagine in this day and age, that there are still people who think the English are responsible for your lot in life.
    My father who had NO psychiatric ailment was a victim of Dr. Cameron. He had a pain on the side of his face. Please do not tell me that this province, which has the most horrendous history of abuse is because of anything but the government and the Church. Unfortunately neither has changed. The Church still has not answered for the horrendous crimes it committed in Quebec, and as far as the crimes against humanity like what happened at the Allan Memorial Institute, the Quebec Government has now made it next to impossible for these victims to get medical records. You cannot sue without medical records!

    What this province was, still is. Nothing here has changed. WE have seen our economy in Quebec dwindle to next to nothing because of archaic ideas and corruption – in both the church and the government. Stop blaming the anglos. They are just a scapegoat like the Jews. Your view is disgusting and small-minded.

  2. The English? Right I forgot, it’s 1759. It is perennially 1759 in the minds of people like you, Jean.

    The rest of the world has moved on. If you haven’t gotten anywhere in your life, it’s your own fault, and not the fault of any Anglophone in Québec.

    How many people in this province are still convinced the British are keeping them down?

    As to your economic ideas, I’m lost. There are plenty of large corporations that arose on Bay Street, but I have no idea what that has to do with the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church was complicit in keeping French and Aboriginal Canadians in a state of human bondage, but this is over now. It is for this reason that these peoples must be given time and resources to help them escape this unfortunate history. So why is it that so many ardent separatists want to return to the way things were?

  3. Do not forget those whom the scatholic grip benefited the most: the english.

    For a devout scatholic, making profits is a one-way ticket to hell. And that did not escape the british merchants who took over who saw a very handy way of preventing the vast majority of the population from competing with them.

    As the scatholic church was against the 1837 rebellion, it was rewarded 30 years later with the enshrinement in the constitution of their total control over education, ensuring they could brainwash generation of people in devout scatholicism, leaving open the markets and industries to the protestant english.

    But once the people stopped listening to the priests, the french entrepreneurs that arose proved to be much more potent than the stodgy english who used to run the show for themselves.

    A multinational giant like Bombardier could never have arisen on Bay Street.

    And even today, Montréal controls 35% of canadian industrial equity, versus a paltry 25% for Bay Street…

  4. On the lighter side, that building is PERFECT for this kind of horror story. On top of the look, the original name of the building was Ravenscrag. Creepiest building in Montreal IMO

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