It’s shit like this Concordia…

Happy New Years etc – in case you haven’t heard, birds are dropping from the sky in the Bible Belt. I’m calling it now, God’s pissed and Moses is coming back. I guess this means Assange will lead North America’s progressives into Zion to escape the bondage of the evil GOP/Fox News consortia?

Ha! Boy it’s impossible not to sound like a complete lunatic these days isn’t it?

Found this gem at Con-U a while back:

New sign with braille – check!

Bilingualism – check (kinda).

Dropping the letter ‘g’ to make your institution of higher learning seem more ‘urban’ while simultaneously doing the complete opposite of what our language laws stipulate vis-a-vis the size and visibility of the French language – priceless, mind-blowingly priceless.

Oh, and our President either just got fired or quit. Can’t remember which it is, and what does it matter, either way she’s still going to make $700,000.

Over the break this was a topic I wanted to discuss with my elder relations, hoping to score some inkling as to whether they saw this as emblematic of a larger problem. They said no, and kept repeating how her severance would’ve been determined years ago, before she got the job.

‘I could give a shit’, was my uncouth response. The problem is that people are getting paid ostentatious sums whether they complete their job or not.  Whether Woodsworth was fired or not doesn’t actually matter. Con-U has dumped two presidents in the last three years, with many other VPs leaving for various unspecified reasons. All of them were offered corporate-style severance packages. None of these people deserved the money they received. In the real world, poor people must complete the job in order to be paid for it. If they’re fired, they get to sign-up for Employment Insurance. Woodsworth gets to go to Tremblant.

If the Boomers ever wonder why the youth of today has zero faith in them or the establishment they represent, here’s why.

At night, I curse the Fire God I pray to for gifting my generation with such an insurmountable mess to clean up.

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