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Rick Perry is a dangerous lunatic – and wants to be President

This is a priceless video of Rick Perry stumbling through a very straightforward question about why he supports abstinence-only sex education despite its proven track record of failing miserably at preventing teen sex and numerous unwanted pregnancies. Perry is responsible for encouraging this type of sex-ed, and now Texas has the third highest rate of teen pregnancy amongst the fifty United States (and what the hell, let’s throw in the USA’s many dependencies, districts, governorships and other scraps of the American Empire for good measure). It’s insane unless its purposely malicious, doubtless a vital component to the manipulated self-perpetuating and clinical poverty which permeates the American working class. It is despicable no matter what way you cut it, and let us not forget that the literal definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over agin, each time expecting a different result.

Is it any wonder this man is also responsible for 230 executions and counting, not to mention five specific cases in which it was more important to satiate the governor's bloodlust than overturn a wrongful conviction. Is it me, or is this asshole a hopeless train wreck of a man?

Which in turn begs the question, why the fuck is he even in the running?

To say he’s a George W. Bush clone in and of itself is overly simplistic. I’d argue instead that he’s being very carefully coached, doubtless by the same individuals responsible for coaching W and Ray-gun Reagan. What this means with regards to the November 2012 US federal election is anyone’s guess.

The fact that people are guessing is pathetic, but that’s another issue I suppose.

In any event, keep in mind as Canadians, as citizens of the world, we will have to deal with whatever catastrophe this guy’s responsible for.

Sleep well – this man may soon have a finger on the nuclear trigger. Given his track record what with executing individual human beings, how do you think he’ll manage the largest nuclear arsenal on Earth?