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Tuesday November 15th – The Pigs Move In

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An absolutely despicable, cowardly act by the NYPD – happening now (as of 2:00 am EST).

So over the course of the past sixteen hours the NYPD raided Zucotti Park, prevented media from entering the site, used police helicopters to enforce a ‘no-fly-zone’ over the area (which in turn prevented CBS and NBC news choppers from entering the airspace). The police dismantled the encampment, threw out a bunch of stuff, burned thousands of books. Two month’s worth of work was destroyed by the NYPD and City of New York agencies. Among others, a city councillor, reporters and veterans roughed-up, beaten, arrested. Justice Lucy Billings approved the re-occupation of Zuccotti Park, and then (just minutes ago) it was struck down. If this is what a democracy looks like, democracy isn’t worth a god damn. There’s a protest going on right now at the American Consulate in Montréal. Gloves are coming off.

It’s absolutely sickening to watch – a peaceful public demonstration is being destroyed by people who are paid via taxation. Civil servants being used to suppress the People. How perverted, how fucked.