2 thoughts on “A Public Obscenity”

  1. @Kevin

    Couldn’t agree more, though I’m less inclined to believe in a conspiracy when petty politics and general incompetence seem to offer a plausible enough explanation for these ridiculous shenanigans.

    That said, I do think the PQ is doing this specifically to shore up their electoral base in advance of a provincial election. They’re looking to either gain the support of the CAQ or convert enough of their members back into the fold by appealing to the social conservative voting block of rural Quebec.

    It’s shitty and it’s a distraction.

    And you’re entirely correct in saying to hell with how it looks from the outside – the PQ has consistently demonstrated an astonishingly cavalier attitude towards how the province is perceived internationally, just another reason why even if Quebec were to try and separate, the PQ would be just about the worst possible choice for future government.

    I can only hope that these hearings expose the racism that underlies the bill and the good people of this province show it and the PQ the door.

    Unfortunately, there’s not many appealing alternatives. I would love for a provincial NDP to vote for, and I think they could offer a sensible alternative to break the poor set of choices we currently have. Would love to see and hear a bit more from Couillard, and would especially love the QLP to simply say ‘we have a human rights commission, we can deal with this on a case by case basis’.

  2. Maybe the PQ is trying to embarrass Quebec out of Canada, since they can’t seem to do it by democratic means.

    Public hearings like this are always a good way to start, by lifting the lid and letting the rotten pus of nationalism flow free. Provoking a big fight between Quebec and Canada seems to be the main intention, and the hell with what it looks like from outside.

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