An Incomprehensible Display of Political Incompetence: Amir Khadir Must Resign

The slovenly and unkempt Paul Rose, attempting to demonstrate his solidarity with the world's oppressed.
The slovenly and unkempt Paul Rose, attempting to demonstrate his solidarity with the world’s oppressed.

Earlier today perennial last-place contestant Québec Solidaire issued a statement pertaining to the death of the convicted terrorist, felon and murderer Paul Rose.

Further still, MNA Amir Khadir insinuated that he will table a motion before the National Assembly that something be done to recognize Rose’s efforts – as an activist and militant separatist, Rose was also involved in several parties that would eventually become Québec Solidaire, a party I once honeslty thought I’d support. According to Khadir, it’s all about paying tribute to those who helped shape Québec’s identity and history.

Right – this sounds curiously similar to Southerners who parade around Klan memorabilia and Confederate flags as innocent tokens of ‘a spirit of independence’.

The FLQ, a terrorist organization that sought to secure Québec independence through armed insurrection, bombings, robberies, kidnappings and, eventually the murder of Pierre Laporte, has been given a similar treatment by modern day separatists, so fuelled by piss-poor revisionist history they refuse to put the issue plainly.

Too many times they have asserted that Laporte simply died, that his kidnapping and beatings at the hands of a gang of illiterate thugs had no impact on his demise, that he suffocated on his own crucifix, that he had tried to escape and got cut up so badly he bled out.

And now Québec Solidaire is going a step further in what can only be described as the worst kind of political opportunism, seeking to pick up a little more support at the expense of the vastly unpopular Parti Québécois.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Québec Solidaire would call for tributes for a man convicted of murder, there’s the bigger issue in that QS is by extension advocating violence as a legitimate method of either forcing a political issue to the fore or of accomplishing a political goal of one kind or another.

Does it give anyone else the willies QS polled so high amongst student activists? The very same militant students, in fact, who refuse to negotiate and who are equally unwilling to even try and keep their ranks calm during their monthly protest marches.

What shall we do as a society when the next FLQ rears its ugly head? Will Amir Khadir be responsible for a kidnapped education minister?


I’m a combination of too tired and too mortified to make much sense here. I honestly cannot believe any self-respecting individual, a doctor and father no less, could possibly have anything positive to say about this horrible man. For the record, I believe in rehabilitation, and I’m more than willing to accept that people can change fort he better. But that requires remorse, something Paul Rose never showed.

We should remind ourselves that René Lévesque set the stage for peaceful political negotiations by coming out, during the height of the October Crisis, and joining his arch-rival Pierre Trudeau in savagely denouncing the FLQ for what it was – a group of uneducated schmucks, petty criminals, who killed and maimed janitors, maids, night watchmen and other working class types before finally killing Laporte. Lévesque made his point clear – he didn’t want to lead a new country if that country couldn’t come into existence without violence. He set a high moral standard most of Québec society agreed with.

After all, Laporte may not have been the most popular politician according to the fringe separatist/anarcho-syndicalist/Marxist-Leninist types who composed the FLQ back in 1970, but he didn’t deserve to die in such a way.

When they kidnapped him from outside his modest suburban home, he was playing football with his adopted son. Paul Rose organized the Chenier Cell’s kidnapping operation.

What a monster eh?

I wonder if Mr. Khadir has ever feared being kidnapped by political extremists while enjoying quality time with his children? I shouldn’t think so.

Politicians and activists get kidnapped and killed in his native Iran. He moved here the year after the October Crisis, so perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt – politicians aren’t typically terribly knowledgeable about e=historical events, even if they were alive while they happened. Fuzzy memories…


I’m calling on Mr. Khadir to renounce violence as a means to achieve political goals and resign, immediately. Obviously there’s little hope he’ll do the right thing, but what the hell – it needs to be said, he has no right to represent any Québécois.

It’s grossly hypocritical, inconsistent and so devoid of logic, rational thinking or even a basic understanding of Québec social and cultural norms you’d think these statements came from a recent Republican immigrant from the most inbred counties of West Virginia.

But no, Mr. Khadir is a self-styled progressive, doctor, and seems to be interested in running an independent country. This is what an apparently educated man thinks.

I’m at a total loss. People wonder why I have no interest in being a politician…

Québec Solidaire is dead to me as long as this clown retains his seat.

4 thoughts on “An Incomprehensible Display of Political Incompetence: Amir Khadir Must Resign”

  1. I guess that’s what I’m wondering – how could an otherwise educated person, a medical professional, make such an incredibly bone-headed move as this? A cheap stunt is when you throw a show at a shop-keeper’s window.

    This is either an active attempt to re-conceptualize Qu̩bec history or some bottom-feeding level of ignorance Рeither way its unacceptable.

    Or perhaps I should specify, it would be unacceptable to me me personally and any party I’d affiliate myself with.

    I wonder how, theatrics aside, Mr. Khadir hopes to expand the brand name? And how a father could somehow be so caught up in political chicanery he didn’t stop and ask himself ‘Did Laporte have kids?’ ‘What about his family?’ ‘What if that was me?’

    There’s a current in Québec politics, of the ‘you’re either with us or against us’ variety; Khadir demonstrated very clearly where he stands on the issue – anyone who stands in the way of an independent Québec isn’t Québécois at all, and thus worth less as a human being.

    I mean, we’re seeing a lot of the same in the more, shall we say ‘Fascist-y’ parts of Eastern and Central Europe right now, I guess it just caught me off guard to hear similar revisionism from an immigrant in Montréal.

    Perhaps he’ll address the local chapter of Golden Dawn next, and tell us why he thinks Hitler is so misunderstood.

    As to popularity, well, the town drunk always seems to have a somewhat loyal following.

  2. I know, from many clients and friends in the area, Amir Khadir’s office, facebook and twitter accounts were bombarded by supporters who felt he went too far. He even realized this and retracted from his original position very quickly. I do not believe he expected the reaction to be so negative, especially from already lukewarm supporters in the area who may be federalists but like him.
    He’s done similar things a few times in the past. The boycott of the shoe store on St. Denis (Le Marcheur) also forced him to backtrack.
    Don’t take this as a personal endorsement from me, but he is wildly popular in the area mainly because of his outspoken style.

  3. Do you have any proof to back up your claims?

    And how does this change the fact that Paul Rose is responsible for a man’s death?

    There’s no death sentence for being unpopular amongst the working classes.

  4. I dare you to publish that comment, to the effect that by 1970, the FLQ was thoroughly infiltrated by the RCMP, the SQ and the Montréal police.

    It’s no accident that the FLQ kidnapped Pierre Laporte; hours later, he was to be indicted for racketeering, and his kidnapping conveniently avoided laying down a huge scandal on the freshly-minted Bourassa government.

    Paul Rose was an unwitting tool.

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