City on Fire

City on Fire from E Kital on Vimeo.

Amazing video. Just great stuff.

That was one hell of a fire. Glad no one was injured.

Something to keep in mind w/r/t the antique element of our cityscape – the older buildings get the more attention needs to be paid to how we maintain them, what precautions we need to take when executing renovations or upgrades and what measures we might be able to implement to better neutralize a fire once it’s started.

Although I suppose it would help if we didn’t have so many goddam arson cases in this city, but that’s another issue entirely.

Apparently this building was being renovated earlier yesterday, so it’s possible that may have something to do with it, though it isn’t known for certain. The damage was concentrated on the upper floors, no one was hurt or injured and over a hundred firefighters responded. Adjacent buildings include the head office of La Presse as well as the Hotel Place d’Armes, neither of which were damaged despite the rather impressive fire.

There you have it. Excellent timing, I’m quite happy it was caught on film so well.