Goings on about the town… Rope + Thread = Ism, the Biosphere, Fireworks

Interesting art happenin’ happening at the beautiful Sainte-Brigide de Kildare Church put on by iqgallery called Rope + Thread = Ism. It runs until July 14th and is a massive local artistic collaborative effort with over 60 contributors. I haven’t been yet, but will soon, and will post a review afterwards.

More info can be found here.

In other news, it looks like the Biosphere is getting the axe, what with it being a museum dedicated to the environment of the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River and our present federal place-holder government is doing just about all it can to trivialize environmental science and wreck our once pristine natural environment. Worse, the iconic geodesic dome will become the operations centre for our local Environment Canada office, which apparently is being forced to vacate their property in the West Island. I can’t imagine how Environment Canada is going to fit their operation into the Biosphere, and god knows where they’ll stick all those satellite dishes and meteorological radars. Unless the plan is downsize and eliminate the tools necessary for monitoring the environment altogether.

Shit. Methinks I uncovered a sinister plot.

In any event, go see it while you have a chance. Looks like this unique scientific and cultural facility will close its doors by the end of the year, just twenty years old.

And finally, Fireworks season has begun. I highly recommend seeing them from La Ronde if you can swing the ticket price – up front and personal it’s really quite enjoyable and you get the added benefit of taking in all the music and crowd reactions etc. But, if you don’t have the coin don’t fret – you can enjoy the weekly conversion of Pont Jacques-Cartier into a pedestrian bridge just for the occasion (I think it’s only about an hour or so on Saturday nights when the official fireworks are being lit off, not sure of the details but worth investigating if you happen to be in the Centre Sud or otherwise close to the bridge).

Repeated emails sent to the city weren’t returned because for some reason; every time I try emailing the city through it’s “contact us” page, I get redirected to a Bad Gateway message.


And I’ve tried switching up computers and my contact info too – is it me or do you think they did it on purpose so as to avoid having to deal with the public?

Try it yourself. Include the words “I want to create a new political party to contest the 2013 election” – let’s see what happens.