A Great Week for Local Swine

Sweet Christ, I can’t believe this shit is still happening in 2012.

I have respect for police and law enforcement who respect the law and don’t abuse people. I will address them by the title they deserve, office, constable, what have you.

That said, I’ll gladly and enthusiastically substitute a variety of porcine alternatives to deal with the shmucks in this article.

Since 9/11 we here in the West have allowed our civil liberties to be walked all over, so much so that it has taken its toll. Racism is up, common sense is at an all time low, and we’ve stacked the deck against us in the hopes it might prevent terrorism.

Now we know better, but it’s too late. We’ve given ‘law enforcement’ a carte-blanche to do whatever they want, and as you might imagine, the bottom-feeders of the SPVM and other local police farces have been getting a lot of work lately.

In case you missed it, black men can’t drive their girlfriend’s car and call the cop buddy – that’ll get you a $75 ticket (video above).

A few days ago a report concerning a Crown Prosecutor in Longueuil, Valérie Cohen, who believes it is okay for police to pull over someone if the ‘race doesn’t match the name’, as in the case of Joel DeBellefeuille and David Levesque. I guess they should have thought about that before their parents chose to give them names to help them better integrate into Québec society.

And then of course we have Francis Grenier, out of the hospital but it’s still unclear as to whether he will get to keep his right eye. You see, the pigs discharged a grenade launcher in his face.

I’m amazed by the comments I’ve seen, heard etc over the last few days. Grenier was playing a goddamned harmonica for fuck’s sake, and yet there is remarkably little sympathy from the establishment. Ted Bird (remember him?) tweeted something about how he hoped the cops would ‘kick the shit out of the protestors’ at today’s anti-police brutality march.


Yes, really… unfortunately.

I see this kind of shit all the time, from editorial pages to forums and the like.

Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but there’s something very wrong when our society tacitly accepts agents-provocateurs and then encourages the ‘identifiable’ police to beat people senselessly.

Imagine if no police showed up to the anti-police brutality demonstration?

There wouldn’t be any violence. The Black Block is imaginary, invented.

It doesn’t exist.

Call this the start of a personal campaign; I will force the SPVM to admit they use agents-provocateurs at the anti-police brutality march so as to create a riot.

They’ve never caught any members of this group, no pics, no nothing. The simple fact is that they get to inflate their budgets this way, get to buy new equipment and, once again, your civil liberties go down the shit pipes.

I wish I could simply say this is sad day, but we know the reality. This is our lives now, the People dropped the ball and our worst fears are being realized.

Here’s what the local media has to say about the annual head-stomping festival and our yearly reminder we are losing our rights living in this police state.

Sometimes I really hate this city.

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  1. I always feel slightly bad for pigs; charming, peaceful animals don’t deserve comparison with these thugs.

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