Separatism 2.0 – Toews, Trudeau and the New Canadian Culture Wars

Justin Trudeau

Because this would invariably get blown out of proportion by the Harperites, in government and national media, let us connect straight to a reliable source. Though he’s now being lambasted for apparently supporting the independence of Québec, the point many seem to be missing is Trudeau’s qualifying statement – that things would have to be going wrong in 10,000 different ways, that Canada would have to become the ultra-right wing nightmare progressives have reason to fear in order to push Québecois back into seriously considering national independence. Trudeau’s comments seem to be indicative of his belief Canada is heading down the wrong path, and I tend to agree with him. We’ve allowed a cabal of defeatist, regressive individuals – representing a generally minority viewpoint – to take the reigns of our once internationally beloved nation, and move it instead in a direction reminiscent of all that has led to the extreme divisions in contemporary American society. We’re diving headlong into another culture war, though this one of far broader significance.

Judge for yourself;

Even if Québec never realizes its independence, the people of Canada are all free to come and go as they please. Make Canada a lesser nation, a more contemptible nation, and people will simply pack up and go. We were once a nation with open doors and open minds. Today, it’s difficult for the middle-class in Canada to keep their children here, as opportunities abroad lead young Canadians to consider opportunities on an international scale. We were once a place of refuge for all the world’s abused peoples. Today we’re a place one comes from. Unless we make Canada an attractive option for our youth, we cannot assume they will stay here. We’ll have nothing left of our nation if this worrying trend continues.

And so the Harperites would be wise to do all that they can to actually try and work to the benefit of the greater good. They’d be wise to implement plans, strategies and initiatives that benefitted the people who live in ridings that didn’t vote Tory last May. But much like Québec’s reviled Maurice Duplessis and his Union Nationale government during the Grand Noirceur, Harper and crew punish those who don’t fall in line in step with the party. I suppose I could go along with this if the party weren’t so goddam abrasive to begin with.

And then Vic Toews opened his mouth to equate not wanting to give the feds the ability to read your emails with directly supporting the production and distribution of child pornography.

If this is the state of our political discourse, I don’t want to live in this country anymore. And there’s nothing anyone could do to force me to stay here. If I want to leave my country of birth and establish myself elsewhere, it is still entirely within my right to do so.

For the moment…

Vic Toews

Vic Toews might not care much about me or any other young progressively-minded socialist up and bouncing off to some distant locale. Perhaps I’d even be doing him a favour. But if enough disenfranchised, dispirited and over indebted Canadian youth begin thinking along similar lines, then you have a real problem. And given the widening education-generation gap between today’s youth and the Baby Boomer establishment, many more young Canadians feel they are completely un-represented and consistently taken advantage of. Better opportunities and higher standards of living exist elsewhere, and, while we’re still generally welcome abroad, many young Canadians may wish to take advantage and escape the burdens of living in a nation governed by a minority of morons. Vic Toews’ statement, to say nothing of his actions, is precisely the kind of regressive, dystopian legislation that is killing Canada from within, and it is designed specifically to limit the freedoms of those most vocal and inclined to organize against the Harper regime. We’re becoming North America’s DPRK one small step at a time. By the time we realize we no longer recognize our own country, it will simply be too late; there won’t be a country worth saving.

Final note.

A recent Brock University study suggests that there is a direct link between low IQs and a personal propensity towards social-conservative politics and a bigoted perspective of other races.

Social conservatism is the politics of ignorance. If this country’s conservative government keeps appealing to the dumb, unwise, foolish and prejudiced few among us, then it really is seeking to destroy the idealist nation we once were. What neo-conservatism will mean for Canada, long-term, is not something I’m overly interested in finding out about.

Something tells me Toews will regret his highly manipulative and egregiously offensive remarks. If he is merely given the Santorum treatment he should consider himself lucky. I have a feeling his aggressive stance will be met in kind.

Wipe the hardrives Vic, you’re public enemy number one.

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