Skydome: the Musical

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The June 3rd 1989 gala-opening of Toronto’s Skydome ended up becoming a kind of Canuckistani ‘Cavalcade of Stars’ with a song-and-dance show reminiscent of a poor country trying out for an Olympic opening ceremony.

Maybe it’s because this happened more than twenty years ago, but Jesus H. Vishnu, this is so god-awful I wonder what they did to get all those people in there in the first place?

We Montrealers may have had our fair share of problem with our retractable-roof stadium, but at least we never did anything like this. And, yeah, as you may have guessed, Skydome, or whatever it’s called these days, is typically undersold and the Jays haven’t been doing so well since the double-header in the early 1990s. That’s the problem with TO – the weather’s typically decent year-round and I know that breeds a funny kind of optimism in people. I personally can’t wait for the ‘Skydome Repurposing Gala’ next Fall…

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