Ventilation in the M̩tro Рpart of a series?

Saw this and felt I should post. Interesting stuff – I sincerely hope the STM continues to do these kinds of PSAs, as they shed a lot of light on the inner workings of our favourite mode of mass transportation. Plus, unlike fiscal transparency, I think people in general really just want to see how shit works. The STM would be wise to offer ‘behind-the-scenes’ tours to the public on a more frequent basis. I think they’d be surprised by just how many average citizens really do want to know oddball details. Plus, it’s a good thing the STM is reminding people of the more natural approach taken to tunnel and station ventilation.

Not sure if you’ve ever enjoyed an early Sunday morning Métro ride on the Green or Yellow lines in the Summer, but the fresh air inside the tunnels is intoxicating. Maybe that’s because the St. Lawrence is legitimately toxic, but it seems to smell quite nice once you get inside.

Also, this is interesting too:Keron Thomas was so fascinated with the NYC Subway system he successfully managed to operate the A Train for several hours without being detected back in 1993. Then you have the strange case of Darius McCollum, a man who has spent nearly a third of his life behind bars for, get this, trying to work and then doing the work of NYCTA employees. He’s widely recognized as the most knowledgeable NYCTA employee there ever was. That he’s been outright rejected by NYCTA for employment on several occasions and has a lengthy arrest record for, among others, taking out trains to perform track maintenance, doesn’t seem to bother him too much.

I wonder how much a second hand STM uniform goes for these days…

Anyways, I’ll keep my eyes open for more STM and related videos for y’all to peruse.

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