Welcome to America, now where are your papers?

So these two guys are walking from Denver to Washington DC to protest Christian support of American wars. All along the route they were harassed by so-called law enforcement, who demanded they identify themselves and that they stop filming. The two are defiant and refuse to comply, given that law-enforcement’s request is inherently illegal and unconstitutional, an affront to civil liberties. The fact is walking down a road holding a sign and a video-camera will likely bring out the worst kinds of police officers. This video shows the harassment they encountered along their voyage. Of all the police in this video, only one did the right thing.

It’s worth watching until the end, as a lone officer from Illinois acted appropriately. Every other cop acted like a fascist. I’m glad there are good cops still out there, people who deserve to be called sir for their authority is due to respect from the community. But as we can see, they are the minority.

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