3 thoughts on “Canadian Ethnicities by Census Division”

  1. French Canadians were basically Canadian before any other European group was (unless you count the Vikings and Basques, but Newfoundland & Labrador were separate until 1949,) around 400 years at the time of this map. Not counting NF&LBR, the Scots (and Irish) came next well over a century later and the English came after that. With regards to what I’ve already said, I am referring to permanent settlement of course.

  2. What do you think?

    When asked ‘what’s your ethnicity’ on the census, they replied, overwhelmingly so (i.e. more than 60% of the total provincial population) that they consider themselves to be Canadian more than any other ethnicity. This finding usually doesn’t surprise anyone who lives here, and only ever surprises people from outside Québec.

    So you want to know how the fuck people from Québec are labelled Canadian?

    They aren’t labelled anything. They choose the description they feel applies best.

    Like I did.

    Those who chose to write down ‘Francais’ or Quebecois were in such a small minority StatsCan didn’t even bother recording it.

    Facts – they’re a bitch when they don’t conform to your worldview eh?

    Don’t worry – I’m sure this confounded the racists out West as well.

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