What Lies Below

Apparently, cobblestones under pavement in the Shaughnessy Village - work of the author, June 17th 2011

So, I was on the way to act as a photog and official note-taker at a local NGO’s AGM a few weeks back and I snapped this pic on my way to Con-U. I can’t remember if it was at the top of Chomedey, Fort or St-Marc, but it was definitely visible from Sherbrooke.

If I’m to understand this correctly, there are cobblestones under a once thick though now eroded layer of asphalt in this area. Why replace it? Why not bring back the cobblestones? Perhaps more cobblestones will result in fewer people using small residential side-streets as a Formula-1 test track.

Plus, isn’t it nicer?

Reminds me of what the Old Port looked like before they dug up all the pavement and resurrected the cobblestones as part of the late-1980s, early-1990s master renovation. At the same time they got rid of the parking lot which once occupied the Champ-de-Mars. Doing so allowed for the excavation which led to the re-discovery of the city’s old defensive walls.

I don’t think anything of valuable will be discovered below St-Marc, but the area is historic and needs a facelift. May as well start with what already lies below our feet.

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