Joseph Ducreux, self-portrait, 1783 - AKA 'Yawn - What a fucking day it's been!"

Title and pic pretty much say it all. It’s been an action packed couple of weeks.

First off, I’m now living in Westmount
Second, I no longer work for the CCA
Third, The election – holy moly!
Fourth, I successfully trolled Reddit
Fifth, despite the odds, I may yet be able to do a Master’s at Con-U
Sixth (and definitely the most important): I realized I’m surrounded by great people, and feel both reassured and blessed.

So now that I have a wee bit of free time, I’ll be updating far more frequently, in addition to bringing in some new pics from forthcoming photography expeditions.

Also – I am now offering guided, thematic tours of the city for anyone interested. I think there may be a very small business possibility there; yes, you can pay me in bottles of fine French wine.

Much more to come amigos! Stay tuned…

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