Out and About in the Shaughnessy Village

What's Coming - work of the author, September 2010

View of downtown Montréal from the ruins of the former Franciscan Seminary.

Relic - work of the author, September 2010
Relic - work of the author, September 2010

Part of the gate in front of the Masson House; whatever comes of this property, I hope these get a makeover, this one’s the only post that seems to be in its proper place, and has incurred the least amount of damage.

Fallen - work of the author, September 2010

Found behind the Masson House, part of the once elaborate grounds of a sprawling Franciscan Seminary complex. At one point it included the Judah House, Masson House, not to mention the large chapel and extensive seminary annex. Behind these properties are the remnants of the manicured grounds. Ought to be turned into a park as soon as possible.

Arboreal Arcade - work of the author, September 2010

As you can see, it’s quite a space.

Hidden Neighbourhood - work of the author, September 2010

This is perhaps one of the quaintest streets in downtown Montréal, just off of Rue du Souvenir near the Montréal Children’s Hospital. It’s as lovely as any street in the Mile End, and has a similar aesthetic. What I found bizarre was that you couldn’t hear René-Lévesque Boulevard, nor the trains passing by on the other side. It was rather serene for a Friday afternoon.

The Thomas Judah House - work of the author, September 2010

I don’t know if there’s anyone living here, but I could swear someone was living here recently. Going to get back to y’all on that one. Either way – I could just as easily picture this house in some ancient town in the Eastern Townships or up in the Laurentians. Hard to believe its straddling a highway on-ramp eh?

Tracks - work of the author, September 2010

The highest traffic rail line in all of Canada.

Marguerite's Tower - work of the author, September 2010

One of the two towers at the top of Rue du Fort, build in the 1670s for the Sulpician summer villa that once occupied the grounds currently owned by the College de Montréal. Though intended to be used to defend the villa from Iroquois attack, they were instead used as a makeshift dormitory and school for Marguerite Bourgeoys and her evangelizing/educating sisters.

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  1. Interesting photo album. I live on rue du Souvenir and I am currently restorating the front of the house built in 1983. I am also
    researching the history of the sector. I think that I have exhausted what is fairly easily accessible on the Web. Therefore, the hard work begins…

    Keep on the good job.

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