The Sail

The IBM-Marathon Building at 1250 Boul. René-Lévesque is an excellent local example of architectural postmodernism. From the West, it gives the impression of three distinct rectangular masses, as if it were several buildings piled on top of each other, or moving through each other. Its shape is scaled to a more ‘human’ proportion as it gets closer to street level, and, from the Western perspective, the building is very much in line with the other commercial high-rises of the city (which would appear behind or to the side, such as the CIBC Tower or PVM). However, from Place-du-Canada, the Eastern perspective is quite different, where the several pavilions visible from the other side are now united by a large, curving mass, which reminds me of a sail. It’s large without appearing bulky, and seems to strive towards the sky without appearing grandiose. The contrast between its sea-green windows and polished gray metal give it a futuristic, somewhat serious feel.

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