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Ignorant Antagonisms and Petty Aggression: Stephen Harper’s Naive Condemnation of Kim Jong-il

The Dear Leader had died; rejoice. The man who best typifies the modern-day super-villain is no more. Another in a long line of recently departed ruthless dictators. What a year it’s been!

I am happy this man is no longer breathing, he was a cancerous growth preventing the integration of a small, impoverished nation. He was a kleptocrat. We must shed ourselves of such people if our species is to have any hope for continued evolution.

But to his people, to the North Koreans, he was a living God-King. A contemporary Pharaoh. He, like is father before him, exercised absolute control over a small and nearly completely closed society. Existing in total isolation, the North Koreans are prisoners of their own peversely manipulated minds. They should not be condemned to suffer for the crimes of those who ruled them mercilessly.

This is why I am shocked with Canada Chairman & CEO Stephen Harper and his ‘tough-guy’ comments regarding Kim Jong-il’s death. They are the comments of a foolish individual pretending to understand the significance of this seminal event.

Generalissimo Kim’s death may lead to a new period of détente between the Korean halves, especially considering Kim Jong-un’s youth and European education (he may be legitimately interested in pursuing a reformist agenda, but not if we continue to demonize his father and grandfather). Yet Harper, demonstrating his near total lack of comprehension of the plight of the North Korean people, decided the best approach would be to remind the North Koreans it is their responsibility to choose a new and better alternative to the despotic regime they toil under.

It is not a choice, Mr. Harper.

And, what’s more, the North Koreans cannot hear you. Their media is thoroughly controlled by their government, and we are very, very low on the list of concerns and priorities of the DPRK. So if they aren’t paying any attention to us, why rattle some sabres?

It is the perennial Canadian inferiority complex, manifested by individuals hell-bent on restoring the apparently missing machismo of Canada. Perhaps its because we’ve never started a war for fun and profit, perhaps because our nation was not born of blood and savagery between men on battlefields at home and abroad. Either way, we, unlike many other prominent world leaders, decided not even to suggest that this was a situation worth monitoring, or, that it provides an opportunity for renewed diplomatic efforts. No, quite the contrary, Harper used typical corporate newspeak to describe the ‘moving forward process’ that’s ‘in the hands of the North Korean people’, as a PR hack might in the same fashion after a senior executive is charged for insider trading.

What Harper fails to realize is that the People of North Korea have no choices. Yes, they are slaves. So why condemn them to some awful fate as a result of the decisions made by the kleptocratic oligarchy created by the cartoon character above and his equally unstable father?

And why didn’t a well-respected nation such as our own extend our condolences to the clearly bereaved North Korean People? Whether we agree with their bereavement or not is immaterial, a good chunk of their population can be assumed to be legitimately upset by his passing. And if we want change in the Korean Peninsula, why not open a new door to dialogue with the inexperienced Kim Jong-un?

We know who Kim Jong-il was, the people of the DPRK do not.

For me, this is not that different from Rick Perry’s now infamous Kim John II gaffe.

We should demand a higher awareness from our elected officials, and at least a modicum of decency, diplomacy and above all else sympathy for a mislead people.


An iconic image from the last time we danced this waltz - this was Ceaucescu's downfall; what will Qaddafi's look like?

Today is Wednesday March 16th 2011;

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor may be on the verge of meltdown, according to an American assessment team..

Qaddafi, the lunatic King of Africa, is bombing Benghazi, stronghold of the rebels. Last week the rebels had Qaddafi surrounded and trapped in Tripoli, but because the West sat on its tentacles, Qaddafi’s fighters led the break out, and have pushed the rebels back to square one. The Western Powers debated ‘what does a ‘no-fly-zone’ really mean?’, as if they had the time to get philosophical about the issue. For an excellent critique of the West’s unwillingness to get involved in the Libyan Revolution, click here. The world continues to change dramatically, and the West sits idly by, suddenly caught up with a case of obstinate isolationism – truly an American creed; “it’s not affecting us, so go fuck yourself”. Right now, Chadian and Black Libyans are being cut down and massacred, as are the Shia majority in Bahrain, by US-funded and equipped Saudis no less.

There’s a lot of unconfirmed chatter about a Libyan pilot defecting while en route to bomb the rebels. Apparently he turned around, fired on a Qaddafi palace in Tripoli, and then crashed his jet into the building, a modern-day kamikaze.

The CBC has been playing non-stop since Friday, and I sit here downloading as much information into my skull as it can handle.

It’s time for the 9 o’clock news:

A Canadian medical team has left Japan because they weren’t equipped to work in a potential meltdown zone.
The Red Cross is leaving Benghazi – they don’t have anyone to protect them.
The world’s largest internet-pedophile ring has been destroyed; Operation Rescue was a success.

Two steps back, one step forward – the world somehow marches on.

*** The bit about the kamikaze is unconfirmed and is apparently coming in ‘via twitter’ – I’m suspicious. There are other claims that a Greek registered freighter was intercepted by the rebel navy and found to be carrying large quantities of what’s being described as ‘Israeli military aid’ – the ship was bound for Tripoli.

It’s getting exhausting just trying to keep up with the news developments over the course of any given day; I’m growing paranoid because I’m not seeing many new developments.

I wonder how that reactor’s doing…

A Montréal MP makes a lot of sense…

Montréal MP Justin Trudeau

On the October 24th episode of CTV’s Question Period, Montréal MP Justin Trudeau slammed Tory “Know-Nothing” Rick Dykstra on the issue of forthcoming Tory-proposed anti-illegal immigration and human smuggling legislation. Trudeau’s attack is handily crafted – there are no “cue-jumpers” among refugees, and this element of Canadian refugee policy is now under attack by the same mentality that would have Arizonan’s build a security fence in response to ‘headless bodies in the desert‘. Dykstra, ever the Tory, attempts a feeble and half-hearted parry with his stubborn refusal to admit Trudeau may have a clue. How much of this Tory policy is a response to a bunch of Tamils blocking the Gardiner Expressway, and holding rotating protests for several months last year around American consulates in major Canadian cities?

Either way, this Dykstra fellow is out to lunch on the realities of international conflicts, not to mention our own demographics and history – just the kind of people you want running your country eh?

If there was ever a reason for Québec to have a completely independent immigration policy, I would argue it ought to include a clause stating the Provincial Government would never refuse refugees with a legitimate claim. And if they are being smuggled into the country, then we’ll ensure we go after the smugglers, and not the people who very easily could have perished along the perilous journey to Canada. The idea that these poor people would be trying to jump in front of legitimate immigrants demonstrates the heights of callousness the Conservative Party of Canada is willing to go to to entertain their redneck, regressive and ultimately racist voter base. Dykstra, to his credit, is masterful at speaking to his befuddled electors.

I’m glad Mr. Trudeau made his point emphatically and didn’t really bother to entertain the polite politics and faux amity of these types of discussion programs. Hopefully, he’ll continue to do so. I had my concerns that the young Papineau MP was little more than a pretty face, but with this particular position, and the strength of his defense, well, I can only hope he’ll push this issue as far as it can go. Whether the Canadian people will choose to give a damn is an entirely different matter…