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What’s happening with the Dow Brewery?

Recently renovated portion of the Dow Brewery - not the work of the author, June 2011

So what with the redevelopment of the Chaboillez Square article I just wrote, it’s come to my attention that whatever work was going on at the old Dow Brewery building seems to have been suspended.

Can anyone verify this? Does anyone live around there?

Stumbled across this – not terribly well-written but good for a laugh: the “ghosts” that inhabit the Dow Brewery

I don’t believe in ghosts, but inside the Dow Brewery is a good place to let your imagination run wild.

Rooftop of the Dow Brewery - not the work of the author.

Though hopefully not too wild – keep in mind there are several large holes in various floors where brewing vats used to be, not to mention a plethora of other places you can potentially hurt yourself. Exercise caution if you can still get in here.

I’m curious about the pace of renovations and whether the project has stalled. If so, it would be a good time for Héritage Montréal to organize some tours, a la Silo No. 5.

Inside the Dow Brewery - not the work of the author.

On another matter, a person I once knew indicated he had come across mobsters disposing of a body in the Dow Brewery. Mob business isn’t mine, and I’m doubtful of the veracity of the story, though in a weird way I want a construction worker to come across a body, only to later reveal (because the building was abandoned for so long), that it had become a preferred location for the victims of organized crime.

I have these visions of construction workers standing in line to speak with CSST shrinks in make-shift counselling tents out behind the old loading docks, while the city’s coroner and homicide department deal with a year’s worth of unidentified (and in some cases unidentifiable) bodies, found buried here, there and everywhere in this massive old building.

Inside the Dow Brewery - not the work of the author.

And in the end, no one dares purchase a condo there, for fear of the countless ghosts and malicious spirits still crawling around inside.

Macabre I know, I guess I need some excitement in my life…