Meet Your Next Mayor

Ensemble nous allons définir une belle avenir pour Montréal.

Projet Montréal’s Richard Bergeron, the only legitimate mayoral candidate in Montréal’s 2013 municipal election, isn’t looking to tell you about his party or its ideas, but rather wants to hear what you have to say first.

This is real leadership. Not the pseudo drama of the Coderre campaign. Not the plagiarism of the Harel campaign. Not the slow-motion implosion of Union Montréal.

In fact, he’s not campaigning at all.

This is the opposite of campaigning. It’s listening, something a real leader does, and a mere politician all too often fakes.

We need to ask ourselves a serious question Рdo we want four more years of the status quo, or do we want to build a better city Рfor all Montr̩alais Рstarting tomorrow.

When it comes to electing a mayor for Montréal, my money’s on the trained academic architect.

I’ve had enough of career politicians.

It’s time to get our pride back.

6 thoughts on “Meet Your Next Mayor”

  1. Coderre will win the next election. I like Richard Bergeron, and I like his ideas. However, I don’t believe he will make a good leader; a few in his party already hate him. He needs to surround himself with the right people, something he has yet to do.
    Someone who works for the city that I know very well (I would rather not disclose their name) has told me that there will be a candidate to give Coderre a run for his money. They didn’t mention who it was, though.
    Either way, it will be interesting to see how things pan out over the summer and what it boils down to in November. Hopefully, we will see a real war of ideas, as opposed to Harper politics (attack ads, avoiding questions…).

  2. Hi –

    Thanks for commenting. A lot of these ideas are very interesting and, from what I’ve seen, read and heard, pretty congruent with Projet Montreal.

    Moreover, I’ve heard nothing but positive comments re: Mr. Ferrandez from people who live in the Plateau.

    I’ve heard some people in Laval make disparaging comments about him.

    My preference is to pay attention to people a little more in the know.

    Why would you avoid voting for Projet Montreal?

    You seem to be very much in line with their ideas.

  3. Projet montreal main problem is a guy named Fernandez in the plateau.

    What we need in montreal is someone who think about everyone citizens, industries, institutions.

    Just take a look to the industrial parks in st-laurent,anjou , lachine half empty building and warehouse. Give tax brake to new tenants for those indistrial parks to attract them.

    Like Labeaume in Quebec city montreal need to control pension plan cost a bundle to us the tax payers.

    Give bonus of productivity to blue collar with goals to be reached. Reduce the numbers of foreman instead replaced them with leadhand way more productive.

    Cut all the directors there is too many. Reduce the number of councellors in montreal there is too many. (les cadres tres souvent des nominations partisanes)

    There is a lot of vacants lands in montreal, What should be done is prioritizing families and allowed 50 % of the permits to construct apartments of minimum 3 bedrooms.

    Also develop efficient transports for peoples and build school and service close to new area of development. Put in mind of people that saving a car is minimum 5000$ to 7000$ more in their pocket every year.

    Plant trees along the street to reduce the heat during the summer also it help to get a more attractive city. Install garbage cans every intersection minumum. Collect the garbage from those trash can every days. Like they do in Madrid for exemple.

    Also very important give to montreal the role of a regional metropolitan area not only for the quebec province but also for the other area like Ottawa , Vermont upstate New York. Push for more train services montreal ottawa. A better service of transport also would help to push more peoples to used the montreal airport. A wider population area = more potential passenger for international flights. Also push for more international flight from montreal. Mexico montreal direct flight as the usa asking visa for all the south american when there are traveling. Direct flight to Salvador , Peru, Chile as we have big communities from those countries.

    Real important also is to build the west train line from downtown. And direct access to dorval airport.

    Also for me what a joke when i check the montreal website. Only in english and French. We could get web site in arabic,spanish, german and mandarin.

    Push to get a Cervantes institute in montreal. The only Cervantes institute in Canada is in Calgary . Trying to get an Arabic instute as well.

    Other thing push for more public libraries like Toronto. Wich network of librairies is really good.

    Gilbert Rozon would be a nice candidate for me as a mayor.

  4. I guess Jimmy beat me to the punch but just to reiterate, being Montreal’s mayor has absolutely zero to do with Québec-Canada constitutional issues. Nada. Zilch.

    Besides which, if I were a betting man, I’d put down good money Québec and Canada will both be led by federalist, Liberal governments within the next three years.

    PQ support is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Québec Solidaire is a joke. The CAQ won’t ever support an independent Québec as the PQ wants it and Option Nationale represents the editorial board at Le Devoir and not much else.

    And did I mention the Bloc is now in SoCred territory? They’re an election away from being cast aside into the dustbin of failed Canadian political parties.

    In sum, anyone proposing an independent Québec as a feasible reality to be undertaken with the broad consent of the people is quite simply delusional. There simply isn’t the societal appui necessary. What we’re ‘dealing’ with now is mere Tea Party styled theatre. A passing fad, a distraction from the real enemy – Stephen Harper and consumer-driven global economics.

    Harper knows full well as long as Pauline’s in the picture he doesn’t have to do anything to win support in Québec. Separatism is a distraction, a dream for some and a nightmare for others.

    But the key here is that it’s a non-issue inasmuch as there’s no public support for it.

    Ergo, what could it possibly matter what a prospective mayoral candidate’s opinion on the matter is?

    With Harel I see a real problem because she’s bonafide PQ stock, and she’d pretty much fall in line with directives from Québec City. With the guts of Union Montreal, its safe to assume you get the status quo. As to Coderre, well, he’s treated Montreal politics like a game show thus far, and further intends to be both an MP and a full-time mayor of a city of 2 million people.

    Personally, he’s in way over his head.

    We need to make a smart choice and the right choice. A professional architect will doubtless do a far, far better job getting this city right again than the cavalcade of career politicians who’ve led us astray thus far.

  5. Richard Bergeron has never taken a public stand on the issue of seperation. In fact, he has been critical and praised, when warranted, both the Liberals and the PQ.
    It is important that whoever leads this City deals with the interests of Montrealers first and not be accountable to another political party.
    I also wish to remind you that Projet Montreal has people from all walks of life, including strong federalists like myself and Janine Krieber (Stephane Dion’s wife).

  6. Not impressed! He’s just another separatist who decides not to speak about it too much. We already have another of that ilk at City Hall – Louise Harel! No thanks, to hear as well.

    It appears as if Denis Coderre may be interested. Maybe not the best (if indeed there IS a best choice!) but at least he’s not a separatist.

    As a native-born Montreal, I am ashamed by what this province and city have become. I hope that the revelations at the Charbonneau Commission (things that many folks have knowns or suspected for a long time) will lead to significant changes at least in the short term.

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