Touré Nails It & Leaves Dylan Ratigan Speechless

All I can say is sit back and enjoy; Touré says what is right and just, and does so with an eloquence sorely missing from the modern ‘lowest-common-denominator’ mass-media. If only the bar he sets so clearly for himself was a level other journalists, politicians, commentators and pundits strove for, I doubt we’d be such an easily manipulated, foolish society.

I also hope Mr. Ratigan follows Mr. Touré’s lead and does whatever he can to better himself as a media personality. This video is so sharp and precise it left an accomplished talking-head trailing in the dust.

Well done sir, well done!

2 thoughts on “Touré Nails It & Leaves Dylan Ratigan Speechless”

  1. Hi –

    Yeah, I hope that’s not the case – we need people like him who aren’t afraid to mince words and speak the truth.

    And no, I don’t make any money off that ad – apologies for it, but I think it’s easy to turn it off.



  2. wow that was pretty harsh wise words, he’ll probably never get on tv again

    also, what’s with the ad, are you making $ off that?

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