Christie Blatchford shits on a dead man

Yep, exactly what you figured she'd look like.

So here’s the hubbub, bub.

I’ll start off with a link to a rebuttal to the issue we’ll be discussing which appeared on Brutish & Short.

Christine ‘Christie’ Blatchford writes for the far-right tabloid National Post, an infotainment periodical best known, much like Sun News Network, for filling an apparent void in objective (read: Conservative) journalism.

I suppose it is the height of objectivity to shit on a dead man, which Ms. Blatchford did with the savagery and skill of a seasoned expert. I mean shit, when it comes to writing something truly awful, Blatchford is second to none.

She has apparently been under duress since her Monday evening hatchet-job re: the outpouring of grief and the general public reaction to the loss of Jack Layton, which can be read here.

By her account, she’s been receiving a lot of hate mail beginning Dear Cunt. Read the attached articles and you’ll understand why.

Good job Christie Blatchford. I’m going to do everything I can to Santorum you.