What I’ve been addicted to lately

Bar none the finest example of the police procedural drama, ever

So I’ve been quite occupied lately, but I’ve also devoted a fair bit of time to watching the first two seasons of Homicide, in addition to reading the book it’s based on by David Simon.

Long story short I’m downloading Treme right now. What can I say? Most television sucks donkey choda these days, which makes the rare shining examples of excellent TV that much more enjoyable, and as far as plot lines and character development is concerned, it really can’t be beat. Admittedly, Breaking Bad, though more fantastic, is giving Homicide a run for its money, but I doubt it’ll last as long.

In any event, more actual blog posts are coming soon, and as of Sunday I’ll be in a new neighbourhood in the city. Can’t wait to share the experiences with y’all.

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