Montréal Stories {No. 2} – A child’s footsteps…

Sunburst during a bogus thaw

Overheard in a restaurant (one woman’s voice):

“I’m staying at that hotel across from the Méridien on Sherbrooke, what? no, it’s closer to Atwater, but I’ve stayed at both, this one’s better. Not bad actually, excellent room service, but you wouldn’t believe what happened last night. Maybe its because its an old house, but I’ve never been so creeped out. All night long I heard these weird creaks and cracks, though I couldn’t hear anyone in the hallway, or even in the other rooms. It was as if I was alone on the entire floor. No it’s not very big, but either way there were plenty of people in the lobby, in the restaurant, all over except my floor, which was completely void. Anyways, in the middle of the night I sort of half-wake up, that sleep-paralysis thing. Anyways, I think I see a kid walking along the edge of my bed. So weird right? I mean typically I just get the gut feeling there’s someone else in the room, but I know its not real. I woke myself up after what felt like an eternity, and turn on the light. I swear to God there were footsteps, wee little footsteps along the edge of the bed.”

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